Banking and Loans

  • Winbank - Core Banking Solution

    Used by elite multinational banks of all sizes, Winbank serves primarily the needs of investment banks and those that require customized solutions to meet specific business needs.

    Low profitability, competitive and regulatory pressures, and risk management requirements make it harder for banks to grow their business.

    In the face of these obstacles, financial institutions now require immediate and real time access to complete and accurate financial information.

    In order to compete, banks need to quickly launch products while conforming to best practices and regulations.

    They are turning to straight through processing that eliminates labor-intensive, manual processes, thereby saving time, reducing error and mitigating operational risk.

    BIS’ banking solution Winbank helps banks improve customer loyalty and retention, launch new products and services quickly, monitor profitability, comply with regulations, and enter new markets confidently.

    Winbank Banking Solution provides a scalable, customer-centric and integrated core banking system to help banks compete in an environment of intense competition.

    The solution;
    - Provides retail and commercial banking capabilities
    - Handles deposits, lending, payments, trade and treasury modules
    - Integrates accounting and business
    - Offers a scalable and flexible open platform technology
    - Delivers quick implementation via proven methodologies
    - Provides conventional and Participation banking

  • Winbank Modules

    Being the core of the system, this section contains the basic accounting structure, the customer database and the general system and user parameters.

    System Management: Through system management, you can maintain certain parameters that set the working principles of your institution so that you can design the control and work-flow accordingly as well as maintain standard variables parametrically.

    Accounting: Users can maintain a chart of accounts in accordance with the working patterns of the institution, issue financial statements, access to account balances and movements as of desired dates. With this accounting structure, you can produce regulatory books, issue balance sheet and profit/loss account, and make rediscount/evaluation transactions. You can also maintain financial statements parametrically, and produce the desired financial statement in a flexible way.

    Customer Database: Thanks to customer-centricity of Winbank, it has become easier to continuously monitor and measure the performance of your client base on a global basis. With Winbank, adopting required marketing activities takes less effort than before.

    Security: You can maintain user access rights and differentiate authorizations such as transaction limits, reporting or execution rights

  • WinPAY - Instant Money Transfer

    With the Central Bank of the Republic of Turkey's Fund Instant and Continuous Transfer of Funds (FAST) process, users can quickly and easily transfer funds between their accounts at different banks 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and banks/payment institutions notify the parties to the transaction of the transaction result as an instant notification.

    WinPAY product is directly integrated into the FAST system and provides system support that banks and payment service providers can use in their payment processes.

    Som of the advantages WinPAY offer are as follows:

    - 24/7 Instant Payment Service
    - Payment in Seconds
    - Full Compliance with Message Structures
    - Limit Rules

    WinPAY is Windows/Unix/Linux based and provides the opportunity to work on Oracle, MS SQL and other databases and has a flexible structure in the integration process.

    - Database Level Integration
    - Integration with REST Services
    - Web-based Live Monitoring
    - Integration with Existing System