Capital Markets

Wintrade - Brokerage Solution

BIS Brokerage solution Wintrade supports the middle- and back-office functions for trade processing, clearance and settlement, data management, tax reporting, and accounting.

As financial institutions look to streamline their operations, reduce risk and cut costs, a fully comprehensive capital markets solution that can manage the complexities of pricing, booking, risk management and regulation is the best option. It is this principle that has driven the design of Wintrade.

In today’s increasingly demanding environment, cost reductions and the pressure to deliver projects quickly are driving organizations to look towards software providers who can offer competitive solutions and services.

Wintrade is a flexible modular system developed for the expanding global market. Being a sophisticated and multi-tier system, it automates the full trading lifecycle, providing front-to-back office functionality for all types of participants in securities finance.

Wintrade Modules

Being the core of the system, this section contains the basic accounting structure, the customer database and the general system and user parameters. To enable the application of any module, this infrastructure called “Kernel” must be installed.

System Management: Through system management, you can maintain certain parameters that set the working principles of your institution so that you can design the control and work-flow accordingly as well as maintain standard variables parametrically.
Accounting: Users can maintain a chart of accounts in accordance with the working patterns of the institution, issue financial statements, access to account balances and movements as of desired dates. With this accounting structure, you can produce regulatory books, issue balance sheet and profit/loss account, and make rediscount/evaluation transactions. You can also maintain financial statements parametrically, and produce the desired financial statement in a flexible way.
Customer Database: Thanks to customer-centricity of Wintrade, it has become easier to continuously monitor and measure the performance of your client base on a global basis. Even if a customer does business with more than one branch or has more than one account in one branch, he is followed up in the system under a unique number.
Security: The security of the system is guaranteed at two levels, one being the database and the other the software. For a user to access the system, required authorizations must have been granted within both the database and the software. Authorizations can be granted on the basis of module or program.