Human Resources

  • ProStaff - Human Management Systems

    ProStaff is a web-based human resources management system that automates all non-payroll HR processes to increase work force efficiency, reduce operational costs, and increase compatibility.

    As a complete and integrated platform, ProStaff offers organizations many opportunities for effective employee management.

    Key Features

    - Self-service functions designed with a focus on user experience
    - Convenience and speed with a flexible structure in the adaptation and development process
    - Rich functions that meet the specific needs of even large enterprises
    - HR Business Partner level authorization in HR processes
    - Managing all companies under the same group from a single environment
    - Maintaining and reporting historical data
    - Compliance with personal data protection regulations (KVKK-Law on the protection of personal data, GDPR, etc.)
    - High accessibility and compliance with Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) Standards
    - Integration capabilities
    - Low total cost of ownership

    Supported Business Activities

    Talent Management – Find the talent you are looking for before your competitors and improve employee loyalty with support from the following modules.

    Career Management
    Development Management
    Performance Management
    360-Degree Feedback Management
    Test and Survey Management

    Workforce Process Management – Automate and integrate all basic human resource processes with the following functions.

    Employee Management
    Organizational Planning
    Time Management
    Compensation and Bonus Management
    Ticket Management
    Electronic Archive

    HR Self Service – Provide your employees an interactive environment where they can access information anytime, anywhere through self-service.


    You can examine the Modules in detail in the title section above.

  • Employee Personnel Files

    This application helps you see your human resource as a whole by keeping the information of your employees in detail. Automate the entire employee lifecycle from recruitment to leaving the job.

    Create a common employee database
    Automatically get promotion process suggestions list and save time
    Perform collective promotion and change of duties
    Assign employees to multiple locations at the same time
    Ensure participation of employees in a variety of processes with self-service displays and reports
    Delegate on process and function basis (leave, training, etc.)
    Automate allocated device/equipment management
    Manage disciplinary process through the system
    Perform required certificate tracking on the system


    Organizational Planning

    OSupport matrix and multiple organizational hierarchies with Organizational Planning module and make organizational changes with the drag-and-drop feature.

    Design your organization as an offline project, valid from a requested date forward
    Build your project with the drag-and-drop feature
    Maintain and submit for the approval the required documentation and information on a project basis
    Provide change approvals by comparing across the system
    Automatically bring projects to life after approval
    Create custom links between units, along with administrative hierarchy
    Support multiple manager processes in one box with the CO-Head system
    Automatically create assignments that need to be made as a result of changes and save time
    Share information cards running through the organization chart online with the whole organization


    Ticket Management

    Quickly resolve the requests of your employees and increase employee satisfaction with the Ticket Management module, integrated into the HR system.

    Manage request flows flexibly via self-service
    Ensure transparency by providing information on the status of the request at each stage
    As HR, ask the employee for the information you need online and follow the process
    Ensure quick access to information with the request library
    Measure and improve the service level of your HR department with the reports provided

    Business Analysis

    Keep the necessary information for the job titles in your organization on the system and manage it in one place.

    Identify the expected tasks and responsibilities
    Define capabilities and behaviors
    Maintain academic education, foreign language, and experience information on the system
    Track legal requirements of employees in critical positions by identifying certification needs

    Time Management

    Manage your employees' time schedules, integrate processes such as leaves, overtime, and more with worktime.

    Define your country, city, and contract-based holiday calendar.
    Define flexible work schedule and assign these calendars based on company, country, and employee
    Define specific types of leaves for your company and set flexible rules
    Manage your nursing and maternity leave processes
    Manage your trade union leaves
    Define your overtime process, convert overtime hours into extra leave or money
    Calculate monthly meal card payments based on time management rules
    Perform self-service transactions for yourself or on behalf of the employees


    Career Management

    Manage employee application processes for open positions for the organization. Perform possible assignments and promotion processes on the system quickly.

    Collect the employee requirement demands of managers through the system
    Publish internal job postings through portal
    Review incoming applications and select the most suitable candidate through the system
    Perform different types of assignment operations via the system, either individually or in bulk, and save the time
    Retrieve the monthly employee promotion list based on the specified promotion criteria through the system
    Manage your termination process through the system


    Identify open positions; select the best candidates from the applications gathered through the candidate application portal and move candidate information directly to the personnel system by completing the recruitment process quickly.

    Create your job posts and publish them on your career portal
    Accept applications via your external job portal and create a candidate pool
    Find the candidate quickly with advanced search criteria
    Automatically notify candidates of all recruitment processes
    Share the status of the recruitment process with managers through self-service
    Save time by automatically moving candidate information to the employee’s personnel file system after recruitment
    Give your employees a positive experience with the onboarding process

    Compensation and Bonus Management

    Comment on your current data during your wage raise periods and make your wage plans accurate and fast. Plan the bonuses that will be equitably distributed during specific periods through the system and deploy them through self-service.

    Perform simulations according to the scenarios you define before wage raise periods
    Give managers specific quotas in addition to default wage raises
    Inform your managers about their wage planning and obtain their opinions through self-service screens
    Transfer your wage-related data directly to the employee’s personnel file system
    Determine theoretical bonus figures at the organizational level
    Distribute the bonus to be distributed to the central units in the organization and automatically ensure that the system offers equitable bonus to all managers within the specified rules
    Manage all steps of bonus distribution through the system and gain speed

    Performance Management

    As a critical component of talent management, support your organization by offering comprehensive employee assessment processes and target consolidation tools with the Performance Management module

    Create performance forms with business objectives, projects, and competencies
    Enable managers to create a project and business goals for their own team through the system
    Edit performance evaluation results with the calibration process
    Conduct independent goal card, competency and project performance assessments at the end of each period
    Conduct assessments in accordance with the approval flow

    360-Degree Feedback System

    Contribute to employee development with feedback from different perspectives to explore their personal awareness

    Select a subordinate and peer for feedback to initiate the assessment process
    Get feedback on strengths and development areas
    Enable managers to plan ahead for their team with custom reports
    Analyze their feedback and ensure that necessary development actions are taken

    Development Management System

    Manage and view development actions through the system. Record plans for actions on the system.

    Collect requests for development actions (on the job training, class training, e-learning, seminars, etc.) through self-service
    Give your employees the choice for alternative training dates and encourage participation
    Avoid time and cost loss with automated placement rules such as leave control, prerequisite trainings, and coverage trainings for development action planning
    View action requests in a pool and get them into the approval process in bulk
    Instantly manage the assigned and back-up learner processes
    Define school and package trainings and make academic-based plans through the system. Manage success status with credits
    Share development action plans with your employees and managers in the HR calendar
    Integrate your entire process with Outlook
    Ensure that your in-house trainers have access to planning and participant information through self-service
    Open trainer, content, document and transcript information for development actions to self-service
    Create your development action budgets and manage your costs accordingly
    Manage scheduling and certification information for mandatory training through the system

    Test Management

    Conducting tests to measure knowledge and skills before and after development actions.

    Create a question bank with questions on different topics and content
    Link multiple questions with case studies you create
    Create different types of tests with templates you design
    Increase the reliability of the test results by mixing the order of questions and answers you use in the templates
    Hold online and offline written tests
    Monitor online test status through the system
    Report and measure test results

    Survey Management

    Create and report different surveys for the assessment of your development actions and general-purpose topics.

    Create your own questions and answers for surveys
    Create questions that differ based on users’ responses
    Share surveys with your employees through self-service
    Have your in-house trainers review responses through self-service
    Follow the survey completion process through the system
    Obtain assessment results of surveys for development actions automatically from the system
    Comment on the gathered data based on survey reports and take the right actions

    Electronic Archive

    Maintain and share employees’ personnel files on the system.

    Create a file structure for personnel l files
    Upload scanned documents into the system classified by their subjects
    Send requested documents to your employees through self-service
    Share your employee’s documents with the approval mechanism, with different departments within the organization