Data Analytics and Artificial Intelligence

Data Analytics and Artificial Intelligence

  • Our purpose is to develop Analytical and Artificial Intelligence solutions on Financial and HR applications.
    These solutions to be developed are complementary solutions for our company's products, but they can also be positioned independently of sources.
    Within the scope of analytical solutions, it is to develop end-to-end Enterprise Data Warehouse and Business Intelligence solutions and turn them into products.
    Within the scope of Artificial Intelligence, it is to develop products that will reduce the operational costs of institutions and make their business processes more efficient.


    Data Analytics

    Enterprise Data Warehouse and Business Intelligence Architecture

    Architecture that enables data from different systems to be reported from a single environment
    Extract, transform and load (ETL) solution to prepare data for analysis
    Fast and high-performing operational reporting without performance issue load to source systems

    Data Warehouse Model

    Data Model to ensure Operational and Analytical Reports are retrieved quickly and easily
    Data Model providing discipline and solid structure against the inherent confusion of data management
    Data Model designed to accelerate the development of companies and minimize their costs and risks

    Meta Data Management

    End-to-end monitoring of data between source systems and reporting layer

    For the data warehouse to be successful, it must be metadata-driven

    KPI Set

    Critical KPIs to enable management level to make strategic decisions

    KPI sets for each sector and product

    Executive Dashboard and Reporting

    Dashboards to enable management level to make strategic decisions
    Ability to perform very quick and efficient top-down analyses
    Accessible from anywhere via any mobile devices

    Analytics and Operational Reports for Operations Units

    Enables operations teams to access the reports they need very fast

    Self-Service Reporting

    Solutions that enable business units to easily and quickly create their own reports with drag-and-drop functionality and without the IT supports

    Artificial Intelligence

    BIS offers innovative Artificial Intelligence Solutions for digital transformation and cost advantage of your corporate processes.
    Within this scope, it provides project and product services in the fields of Natural Language Processing, Recommendation and Optical Character Recognition.

  • Factoring Analytics

    With our Factoring Analytics solution:

    • You can access current and historical data about your customers within seconds.
    • You will have ready-to-use analytical and operational reports.
    • You will be able to perform very fast Top-Down analysis with KPIs for your strategic decisions.
    • You will be able to make your own reports and dashboards very easily.
    • It will be much easier and faster to prepare a presentation with the story feature.
    • You will have the mobile version of all your reports and dashboards without additional development costs.

    We provide you a fast implementation as it is already compatible with our Infact® Factoring solution.