• • Infact is a factoring software that supports multiple languages and different foreign currency transactions.

    • You can manage export, import, domestic loans and revolving, spot, cash discount, receivable to be incurred, credit insurance, supplier financing and loan with instalment types of transactions in Infact.

    End To End Factoring Software

    • The processes covered by Infact starts with the identification of the candidate company, and continue with pricing, intelligence, credit allocation, payment and collection processes.

    • In addition, besides the factoring operations, a factoring company can manage day to day operations such as accounting, funds management, and seller invoices.


    Through end-to-end integrations with third parties such as Turkey Risk Centre, EDI (Electronic Data Exchange), Trade Registry Gazette, Land Registry Office, KKB (Credit Reference Agency), Central Invoice Centre and Banks; users can track the entire process through a single application at relevant points in the factoring process.

    Document Management System

    Infact enables the users to add and store documents and report deficiencies in the relevant steps of the process with its document management system.


    • Critical processes, such as loan allocation transactions that have excessive control points and that include complicated approval processes, are tied to workflows. Users are able to conduct transactions and processes through the flow they have identified.

    • During the flow, the system integrates with third parties such as Risk Centre, Trade Registry etc. bringing forward automatically the necessary data to the system to increase efficiency in the necessary steps.

    • All the documents are saved in the necessary steps and can be reached later.

    • The users can make analysis by tracing critical data about the workflows to determine future company strategies. These data include the blockages in the workflows, the inefficient units in the company, the processes where the transaction is often stuck, the duration of the transaction, the reason of the decision made about the transaction that day, the reason for customers’ rejections etc.

    Automatic Loan Allocation System

    • Both the transaction and credit allocation steps enable the system to automatically decide on the criteria set for a specific segment or for a specific type of transaction.

    • The system can generate scoring by evaluating the various parties involved in the loan directly or indirectly such as the customer or related parties such as the broker, merchant, group company, partner, guarantor, etc.

    Reports and Dashboards

    • There are 350 report sets that can be customized according to users’ preferences and these ad-hoc reports provide access to both daily and legal data in the system.

    • In addition to that, there are dashboards that provide early warnings to users for them to take quick actions and that guide them during their daily operation for critical issues according to their needs. Managers can have instant information about strategic topics such as profit and revenue changes, target realizations, unrealized transactions and their reasons.

    • Moreover, with the data warehouse project that will be live in 2020, users will have the freedom and ability to develop their own reports by using large sets of data without having any performance losses. They will be able to have these reports in tables, schemas, graphic designs and attractive dashboards therefore, there will be even more user friendly reporting platform in the system.

    Legal Compatibility

    Infact has gone through the BRSA and Centre of Risk audits successfully, is compatible with all the regulations in Turkey’s financial system and is working in accordance with the GRIF standards of international factoring.

    Mobile Application

    InfacTouch mobile application enables both the factoring users and customers to make factoring transactions without the dependency of time and place.

    Sales Team

    • The sales team can trace the customer dashboard and map while visiting the customer and can enter visit notes during the meeting.

    • The customer representative can define the customer in the system with the tax number using GİB/Mersis integration, and can enter all the transaction details by taking pictures of the receivables.

    • Sales team can trace the data of the customer instantaneously such as risk limit, cheques, bills, invoices, collections and can take action accordingly.

    • Teams can track the transactions from mobile app during the day.


    • Managers can give approvals for prices, loan allocations even if they are not in the office.


    • Customers can start the transactions from the mobile application, can get their own reports, account statements and can upload their related documents.


    • The application is mobile, web, or device independent, secure platform. It is protected against attacks and it has a secure login mechanism using SMS/e-mail/Facebook etc. authorizations. All the queries and transactions made are logged and can be traced at any time.


    Factoring Analytics

    With our Factoring Analytics solution:

    • You can access current and historical data about your customers within seconds.
    • You will have ready-to-use analytical and operational reports.
    • You will be able to perform very fast Top-Down analysis with KPIs for your strategic decisions.
    • You will be able to make your own reports and dashboards very easily.
    • It will be much easier and faster to prepare a presentation with the story feature.
    • You will have the mobile version of all your reports and dashboards without additional development costs.

    We provide you a fast implementation as it is already compatible with our Infact® Factoring solution.